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We care about the environment. We know we are not perfect, and so we are always looking for ways to be kinder to the planet while we do business. 


At present:

  • All of our flour is organic, all the milk that we use is organic, and where possible we use organic and/or local ingredients.

  • Our energy supplier is Ecotricity ( - suppliers of electricity and gas made from renewable sources.

  • The vast majority of our packaging is recycled/recyclable/compostable. Our take-away drinks cups are lined with plant-based PLA (not plastic), the lids are made from plant-based CPLA, and our deli containers and lids are made from plant-based PLA, and so all are compostable. We encourage people to bring a shopping bag with them, but if you need a bag we offer recycled paper carrier bags. 

  • We offer a discount on take-away hot drinks if you bring your own cup. 

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